Sunday, March 26, 2006

"It's not that I can't live without you, It's that I don't even want to try." - Source Unknown

"Man's love is of man's life a part; It is woman's whole existence!" - Lord Byron

"If the sun should refuse to rise And the moon doesn't hang in the night
The tides won't change, seasons rearrange When the world is through I will still love you."
- From the song "Still" sang by 98 Degrees

"The heart wants what it wants.... There's no logic to those things." - Woody Allen

"I know there's other fish in the sea, But I lost my pole when the last one got away from me."
Royal Rangers - "Out to Sea"

"I'm sorry I can't go any further with you And tonight may be a night I'll regret. But I'm already somebody's lover, He just hasn't found me yet."- From a song by Lila McCann (country singer)

"Fear? What is there to fear in love? Love is the very reason we live. To fear love is to lose all sense of living, And if we cannot love, then why have we been put here? Fearing love is like being afraid of breathing. It's not something to be scared of. It's something so natural that no one can resist."
- Tyler's speech from "A Heartbeat Away" An orignal Story

"Love is a hidden fire, A pleasant sore, A delicious poison, A delectable pain, An agreeable torment, A sweet and throbbing wound, A gentle death." - Fernando de Pujas

"I look at you looking at me, Now I know why the best things are free, How you've changed my world You'll never know, I'm different now, You've helped me grow."
- Angel of Mine, a song by Monica


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