Saturday, March 25, 2006

Looking in your eyes,
I just can’t stand,
Why tears live in your eyes,
Why my love cannot give you a smile,
I love you with every breath I have,
But why I am the reason you shade tears,
Why I am the reason of your fears,
I want to make your every fear mine,
I want to give you a life of happiness,
A life filled with joy and smiles,
I won’t let anyone harm you,
I’ll protect you with my sword,
With the last drop of my blood,
I’ll stand right beside you,
I don’t know how to put it in a simple way,
You’re my whole world,
There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you,
Please don’t carry tears in your eyes,
Give them to me;
I’ll treasure them in my heart,
I love you with every breath I have,
I’ll keep on loving you till my time is up…

i can burn but i can't die,
i can be slan but remember,
i'll always raise thu,
i am Dark-Side.


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