Wednesday, April 05, 2006

• In the rythm of life, we sometimes find oureslves out of tune, but as long as there r friends like u to provide the melody the music plays on.

• When we sigh about our problem, they grow D_O_U_B_L_E, but when we laugh about them they become o o o o o o bubbles! Have a bubbly life!

If you are stressed, you'll get pimples... if you cry, you'll get wrinkles... So, why don't you smile & get dimples? Keep smiling.

• Hi to a cute, sweet, lovely, charming and the most adorable person in this world. Happy kya? Ok let me go, I have to fool others too...

• FOOL se, FOOL ne, FOOLon ki FOOLwari me FOOL ke sath wish kiya 'You are the most beautiFOOL, colorFOOL & wonderFOOL amongst all FOOLS


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